Queen of Pyrography Badge small

Well on Twitter at least 🙂

I finally got myself together and got back on Twitter recently. My poor neglected account had been receiving my Facebook posts but not an awful lot more. In my ‘other’ job as The Web Sprite (and my own web and social media help) I decided to implement a system to help me get back into Tweeting.


These #Queenof and #Kingof awards by www.theroyalconnection.co.uk  have taken Twitter by storm.  Inspired by the Queen’s Jubilee, Dylan Moore, CEO of the Aqua Design Group decided to start a #QueenOf day on Twitter which was run every Thursday from 9am to 9pm. These awards, and are awarded to women and men in business who manage inspirational and customer focused small businesses in the UK.


I have been creating Pyrography Art for over 20 years but I trained as an illustrator and Graphic Designer so it’s not the only thing I do but it is one of the things I love the best, so you can imagine that I was delighted to be award the #QueenOf Pyrography accolade by #TheRoyalConnection.

I’m very excited to be a part of this group and look forward to connecting with all the other Kings and Queens of the Twitterverse 🙂