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Why Shellintons? It was a nickname given to me by one of my oldest friends over 20 years ago. It stuck 🙂

For my Pyrography work I use Recycled or Reclaimed materials are used wherever possible or from a sustainable source.

I am a trained Illustrator and Graphic Designer/Maker, Pyrography Artwork, and other media.
I’m also a trained Reiki Healer and self-confessed Hedgewitch, I work with Reiki, Crystals and meditation as I work my concepts into reality.

Every piece of Art Work is original and of my own design.

Due to the type of materials sourced and the fact that each is created by hand, even the limited editions will be unique and each different from the last in some way.
I work with Crystals around me, sometimes I choose particular ones depending on the project. Every Art Work produced is infused with Reiki throughout it’s production and where Symbols & Runes are used they are bound correctly with the appropriate ceremony.

I am currently expanding my range of gifts to offer and will be updating the site soon

Shellintons x